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Where did my X close button go?

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#1 Mark Starr

Mark Starr


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Posted 06 May 2014 - 01:25 PM

Windows Mobile 2003

Intel PXA263

125mb Memory

"Some kind of Verizon PocketPC phone"



I have a phone that decided one day to reformat itself and lose all my information on it, mainly its only job was to remind me of birthdays in the Schedule program.


I have a Wisbar Advance Serial, from way back, so I reinstalled it today.


I did not like the Windows 7ish looking theme AT all, it was unreadable with tiny letters and icons I had no clue what they did, so after some mucking about in Wizbar settings, I was able to change it back to Windows 5 mobile.  Then I tried to enter my serial, and it locked up.  So I soft reset it.


But probably the most frustrating, is my X close box that is always at the top right corner of the screen, to close applications, has disappeared everywhere.  Which got me stuck in one way modal dialog boxes EVERYWHERE I couldn't get out of.  I had to pull the battery out every 2 minutes.  


I finally figured out, I could press the hardware "OK" button and this did the same thing.  


Also, the Start button on screen... if you tap on it with the stylus, it does nothing.  I changed it to classic menu, but still nothing.  That got me stuck several levels down as well.  I found out if you press the Windows HARDWARE button on the device, it will do the same thing, so I could get out of applications, or at least swap them in the background.


Lucky I didn't have Wizbar set to startup on soft reset, or I would of really been screwed.  I plan to leave that off.


What am I doing wrong, because this new interface is driving me crazy...  :-/


How do I get my X box back, and the start button tap with stylus to work again?  I guess those are the two main things...

#2 Chris



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Posted 22 September 2014 - 12:35 AM

I'll just start off by saying first that I haven't had a WisBar related question in over three years now other than asking how to get a previous copy of it. Second, I don't know how I missed this question on the last time I was on the forums. I do apologize for that.


If you're still out there and wondering if you can use WisBar Advance, please let me know. Since this section of the forum is for Due Today and not WisBar Advance, please contact me via email (support@lakeridgesoftware.com).

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