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import backup.txt from windows version

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#1 graarh



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Posted 10 March 2014 - 01:17 PM

You can close this, I solved my issues. Google market's version of your application is 1.4.6 while the last one is 2.1.8.




I found windows version of due today so good for managing tasks, and I want to use it as the main data source for android version. Phone is good for viewing and checkbox tapping, not for text editing.


But I cannot restore windows version backup on the mobile phone version. I replace backup.txt file on android phone, do restore and nothing happens. No tasks, projects, contexts.


Am I doing something wrong?



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#2 graarh



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Posted 11 March 2014 - 12:37 PM

Okey, this is temporary partial solution.


require 'active_support/all'

resultMap = {
  Task: {
    fields: ["id", "subject", "project", "context", "today", "start", "due", "complete",
             "tags", "reminder", "logged", "repeat", "repeated", "method", "interval",
             "completion", "modified", "priority", "syncid", "notes", "dirty", "deleted",
             "calid", "star", "viewed", "parent", "completedon"],
    predefined: %w(calid logged)
  Project: {
    fields: ["id", "parent", "name", "due", "context", "complete", "tags", "pinned",
             "syncid", "modified", "dirty", "deleted"],
    predefined: %w(pinned)
  Context: {
    fields: ["id", "name", "lattitude", "longitude", "syncid", "modified", "data",
             "method", "dirty", "deleted"],
    predefined: %w()
  Tag: {
    fields: ["id", "name", "syncid", "modified", "dirty", "deleted"],
    predefined: %w()

result = ''
backup = Hash.from_xml('<root>%s</root>' % STDIN.read)['root']

resultMap.each { |element, attributes|
  backup[element.to_s].each { |item|
    text = attributes[:fields].map { |attribute|
      value = attributes[:predefined].include?(attribute) ? '0' : item[attribute]
      '%s="%s"' % [attribute, value]
    }.join(" ")
    result += "<%s %s/>\n" % [element.to_s, text]

print result


>> ruby convert.rb < windows_backup.txt > backup.txt



Looks like android version of Due Today is sensitive to the order of attirbutes in this 'xml' file. So, xml autogenerators is hard to use.


I hope that 'direct sync' feature between windows and phone verisons will be added soon. Clouds like toddledo are good, but not a cure-all solution.

#3 graarh



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Posted 11 March 2014 - 01:14 PM

Wow, im really shocked! Google market version of phone app is 1.4.6 while the last version on this site is 2.1.8.


I updated phone version, but still no direct import and importing windows backup file just does nothing. However, cloud syncing is pretty good in last phone version, so Im satisfied and I think that i will buy your applications. 

#4 Chris



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Posted 17 March 2014 - 05:48 AM

I'm sorry about that. The lite version has been severely neglected. I had tried at one point to bring it up to speed with the paid version and it didn't work out so well as it caused a lot of problems.


That said, I'm currently working on a new lite version. Version 3.0 of the app is in development and the lite version will be brought up to speed at that point. I just need to make sure that the upgrade path will be smoother than the last time I tried it.

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